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Chocolate Imitates Art

Have you ever seen chocolate strawberries look so beautiful?

These berries almost look too good to be devoured...almost.

Stunning Flavor

Each of these strawberries from North East Chocolates were hand-decorated with milk and dark chocolate, edible glitter and a golden airbrush. Don't marvel too long, you'll miss the juiciness of the fresh strawberries surrounded by the decadence of the rich chocolate coating. You'll have to call ahead for these works of art, North East Chocolates prepares all orders the morning of your arrival to their Itsy Bitsy Candy Store.

Get Inspired

Have an idea for a theme? Anything you can imagine can come to life as a chocolate covered strawberry. We have seen designs as simple as plain chocolate drizzles up to an assortment that could have been created in the Magic Kingdom itself.

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